"The traditional key market is Sydney but we successfully complete assignments for clients in all cities throughout Australia.
The principal focus is on the search and recruitment for middle to senior marketing and sales positions."



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Points of Difference;

A specialist recruiter with extensive "real world" marketing knowledge.

There are plenty of recruiters saying they specialise in marketing but most are agency "generalists" and don't have the benefit of a background as "real world" marketers.


This agency is owned and run by Philip Brown.  His main point of difference is the unique advantage of having substantial 'real world' marketing experience before making the change to specialist recruitment consulting years ago.


Why use a recruiter who’s an ex marketer?  Simple...this dual experience results in more accurate assessments of candidates' marketing abilities as well as far greater understanding of clients' requirements. 

Result...you can bank on higher quality shortlists.


For clients and candidates, a few important points worth noting...

1. Success

Most of Marketing Asset's projects are the result of repeat business and word of mouth.  Relative to most competitors, this is a small, specialist boutique service with a very high success rate.


This success is due  to several  factors; solid experience as a marketer as well as over 20 years in recruitment, extensive candidate  networks, care, speed to action,  and the ability to really comprehend clients' needs and deliver "on brief".

2. Networks

Marketing Assets has built extensive candidate networks across a range of industries  over many years. This enables faster and more efficient sourcing of candidates who potentially would be an excellent fit with client briefs.  Clients need a genuine specialist consultant who knows how to access the best talent in the market, not just on the market.




3. Marketing knowledge

Having been a practising marketer for many years prior to recruitment, you'll be working with someone who has extensive first hand marketing knowledge across various industries.  This experience produces more accurate understanding of clients' briefs (beyond standard job descriptions) as well as more effective assessments of candidates' abilities as marketers.  Using a genuine specialist produces shortlists of greater relevance and saves clients time and money.

4. Care, communication, courtesy and ethics

A high standard of client and candidate care requires a strong service orientation.  For the last few years 80 per cent of Marketing Asset's assignments have come from clients who were once candidates.  Care includes taking the time to listen and providing honest and courteous communication as well as operating with a high standard of ethics through all aspects of the process.

5. Flexibility, speed to market and efficiency

Being geared to respond to clients' briefs immediately, Marketing Assets has the flexibility to move quickly and be more efficient, effective and successful.  (In medium to large agencies it is often a numbers game - consultants are usually required to constantly maximise their assignment numbers at any one time rather than ensuring they apply maximum focus on the current singular client.)



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